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CLICK AND BUY A TESLA by Jim Corbran, Automotive Columnist So there I am, passing time on the internet, when I cruise on over to the Tesla web page. Now, most automobile manufacturers have a button to click to “build your own,” where you get to choose colors, options, etc. and afterwards see what it will cost and look like. Tesla’s page, under the Model S sedan heading, has a button which says “or

2017 FIAT 124 SPIDER

2017 FIAT 124 SPIDER by Jim Corbran, Automotive Columnist Yes, the shape does look familiar, only not in a Fiat sort of way. The new 124 Spider is actually based on Mazda’s MX-5 Miata — certainly not a bad starting point! It’ll be Fiat’s first non 500-based car since the brand’s U.S. revival which began with the 2012 500 hatchback. It’s also Fiat’s first North American roadster since the demise of


2017 BUICK LACROSSE by Jim Corbran, Automotive Columnist I’ve always thought that Buick had some nice-looking mid-sized cars — right up until they introduced the LaCrosse for 2005. It should easily go down in history as one of the most boring-looking things on the road. A total redo for MY 2010 took it out of the boring category and put it at the top of the Worst-Dressed List. Who wears hip pads?


TWO-TONING, 2016-STYLE by Jim Corbran, Automotive Columnist For years I’ve been harping about the demise of the two-toned paint job. Other than a few vehicles (the Mini and Ford Flex come immediately to mind with their contrasting roof colors) you just don’t see the dramatic color schemes of the Fifties and Sixties on today’s cars. Although it’s still not a true two-tone, Nissan last year introduc


IT WORKED FOR THE OTHER GUYS… by Jim Corbran, Automotive Columnist Hyundai has just announced that its Genesis nameplate will become a separate brand to compete with the world’s leading luxury car brands. If you’ve been around for a while, this is how Lexus (Toyota), Acura (Honda), and Infiniti (Nissan) got started years ago. Right about that same time Mazda also had a separate luxury nameplate (A


DOMINO’S PIZZA SPARK by Jim Corbran, Automotive Columnist Domino’s Pizza just announced that they’ll be purchasing 100 2015 Chevy Sparks to function as their new Domino’s DXP™ (Delivery Expert) — a specially designed and built pizza delivery vehicle. You may think of the Spark as the smallest car Chevy sells in North America, and even though that’s true, the DXP will manage to contain not only a w


MY LOTTO GARAGE by Jim Corbran, Automotive Columnist I don’t know how many times I’ve been asked the question “If you could buy any car…blah blah blah.” So a couple of years ago I started a blog called Jim’s Lotto Garage, the description of which reads “Okay, so I can't win the lottery because I never play. But if I did...” It’s not something I update every day, just when the mood strikes me. Righ


CAR NEWS GRAB BAG… by Jim Corbran, Automotive Columnist Wasting time on the web the other day (c’mon, you’ve done it) I came across a full-size Little Tikes Crazy Coupe for sale on eBay in the UK, custom-built in 2013 by a firm called Attitude Autos in Oxfordshire, England. It started life as a Daewoo Matiz (a.k.a. Chevy Spark) and is a fully legal (well, at least in the UK) road car. You can chec


2016 BENTLEY BENTAYGA by Jim Corbran, Automotive Columnist I’m often asked for advice when friends and acquaintances are car-shopping. Just last week a guy (you know who you are!) told me he was looking for an SUV or a minivan to pull a 3,500 pound trailer. Silly me… I forgot all about the new Bentley Bentayga, the newest in luxe SUVs. Although they don’t specifically mention its trailer towing ca


2016 KIA SORENTO by Jim Corbran, Automotive Columnist I’ll be the first to admit to not being a big fan of the crossover genre. Give me a big ol’ station wagon any day. Barring that, give me a minivan the size of my old ’95 Dodge Caravan — which actually fit in our garage. Today’s “mini”vans seem large enough to have their own zip code. But, I’m starting to warm up to the crossover a smidge. They’