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WHAT DID YOU DRIVE TO THE PREVIOUS BILLS’ PLAYOFF GAME? by Jim Corbran Deadlines being what they are, by the time you read this the Buffalo Bills will either have moved on to the next round of NFL playoffs, or will be in their much more familiar mid-January role of spectator.At any rate, we thought it might be interesting to look back at when the Bills were last involved in a playoff game,

RealRides of WNY - 1998 Honda Prelude

Was leaving a weekly cruise night at the Lt. Col. Matt Urban VFW Post 7275 in Lancaster last summer when I looked across the street and saw this 1998 Honda Prelude parked in a driveway. Probably not seen as often as some of the competition, like, say a Toyota Celica, the Prelude was a much sportier alternative to Honda’s Accord, which by 1998 had morphed into a family car. Today’s feat


THE 2018 NEW CARS HAVE ARRIVED… yawn. by Jim Corbran Regular readers of this space already know I was one of those kids back in the 1960s who rode my bicycle all over creation trying to get sneak peeks of the new car models every fall, where they sat in the back of dealer lots — stashed away until their official introduction dates.That whole practice, as we know all too well, has pre

RealRides of WNY - 1978 Toyota Celica

If you were driving back in the late 1970s, and liked a quick ride but weren’t too hep on muscle cars, this 1978 Toyota Celica might have been something to look at. Small sporty imports were really coming of age, after a decade-and-a-half or so of what the public perceived as “small, tinny imports.” Light cars with good horsepower, nimble handling, and sporty looks really took th

2018 HYUNDAI SONATA …as American as apple pie

2018 HYUNDAI SONATA …as American as apple pie by Jim Corbran A couple of weekends back we had the occasion to rent a car (long story; don’t ask!) while visiting some friends in Michigan, and I was a little disappointed when the guy on the phone offered us a Chevy Cruze. Not that I have anything against the Cruze; it’s a fine little car, but my son drives one, and if I’m