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RealRides of WNY - 1960 Mercury Monterey

Day One of Black & White WeekWith an MSRP $2,631 this 1960 Mercury Monterey was the least-expensive big Merc in the showroom, Actually, it was the cheapest Mercury, period! What, you say? Wasn’t the compact Comet introduced for model year 1960? Yes, car buff, it was. But Ford chose not to put the Mercury nameplate on the Comet, or in any of its advertising material, until the 1962 models


AS THE NAMEPLATE TURNS — the buying and selling-off of automotive brands By Jim CorbranAutomotive Columnist You almost need a program Used to be that you knew just who you were buying a car from by the name on the fender. A Ford was made by Ford, an AMC was built by American Motors Corporation, etc. In recent years, it hasn’t been so cut and dry. American manufacturers are still pre