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50 SHADES OF …GREEN — It not all black & white these days. Or silver

November 6, 2017

50 SHADES OF …GREEN —  It not all black & white these days. Or silver

            It not all black & white these days. Or silver.
by Jim Corbran
I realize I’m one of the constant complainers about the dearth of car color choices these days. One look in any large public parking lot and you’d think that the only colors offered these days were black, white, and 50 shades of gray or silver.

But, that’s not the case at all.
After quickly opening a recent media email from Buick with the headline “2018 Buick Cascada Gets More Colorful,” my hopes were high. Alas, I learned that the Cascada is now offered in Rioja Red, Dark Moon Blue, and Carrageen. Alas, none of them bore any semblance of the exciting colors available in the 1950s; nor did I see and two- or three-tone combinations (well, the convertible top is another color, but that doesn’t count here).

This got me on an internet color search for something — anything! — that might grab my attention. And I’m happy to report that there are other colors out there. Yes, a lot of them are greens, yellows, or oranges. But they’re out there.

You might assume these different colors are only being offered on cars you rarely see on the road, but that’s not exclusively the case. One of the more interesting colors I came across (and one I have yet to see in person) is the sub-compact Chevy Spark LT in something called Sorbet (not offered on base models). Very striking with the black interior and wheels. Also check out the Mint ($395 extra).

Ford’s own sub-compact Fiesta (SE and up) also offers a very minty green called Bohai Bay, while Volksagen offers its Beetle in Bottle Green, something which I imagine would go over big in Irish South Buffalo. At the other end of the $$$ spectrum, your new Mercedes-Benz G550 (starting price $123,395) can be ordered in an optional “designer” paint job like Agate Green. The designer paints are described, in M-B’s words, as “Highly exclusive and unique, design Manufaktur paint colors are specially applied upon order in Graz, Austria.” (At $6500 extra, they’d better be really special.)

You don’t have to order green to stand out though

Besides Buick’s aforementioned new Cascada colors, they also offer something called Toasted Coconut, which looks like some sort of tasty brownish color. You can order your Toyota Corolla iM in a shade which the Japanese manufacturer calls Spring Green, but which looks to me more like a dirty yellow. An actual yellow, for those across the pond, is Renault’s Inca Yellow, available on its cute little Twingo. Of course, there are still the bronzes (like Ford’s Chrome Copper) and oranges (like Dodge’s Go Mango) which we’ve seen the past few years.

All of these help to break up the monotony of every mall parking lot in America. It’s too bad more buyers won’t step up and just say no to the blacks, whites, and grays we see so much of. (And yes, I’m guilty, but I blame it on buying used instead of new.)

Live a little already! 
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            It not all black & white these days. Or silver.”
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