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RealRides of WNY #2537 ......................... 1988 Ford Thunderbird Turbo Coupe

March 23, 2023

RealRides of WNY #2537 ......................... 1988 Ford Thunderbird Turbo Coupe

– In my opinion you don’t see enough of the 1988 Ford Thunderbird Turbo Coupe at modern day car shows. A mid-model year introduction, the Turbo Coupe was the darling of the automotive press at the time. That turbocharger was connected to Ford’s 2.3L four (definitely not the same 2.3 that had been powering Pintos and Mustang IIs for years), which featured port-injection and 142 horsepower. Connected to a very un-Thunderbird-like five-speed manual transmission, and riding on a suspension boosted by Ford’s “handling package” (which included among other things: anti-lock brakes, automatic ride control suspension, Quada-shock rear suspension, Goodyear VR 60 performance tires, and 16-inch aluminum wheels), it was somewhat of a sports car for people who needed a bit more room. We came across this one at last year’s Wyoming Valley Car, Truck, and MC Show & Swap Meet.

Jim Corbran, RRofWNY

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