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RealRides ** Extra! **

July 31, 2018

RealRides ** Extra! **

If you've never seen a Playboy car up close and personal, this Sunday (August 5, 2018) might just possibly be your best opportunity in years. The 2018 Playboy Motorcar Reunion will be taking place as part of the Paddock Chevrolet Antique and Classic Car Show at Paddock Chevrolet — located at 3232 Delaware Avenue in Kenmore, New York.

The Playboy was built right here in Buffalo 70 years ago, and only 90 or so of them were produced before financial/investor problems reared their ugly head. This will probably be the largest gathering of Playboys in one place since they left the factory.

David Kaplan, grandson of Playboy founder Louis Horwitz, and his cousin Lee Singer, are the forces behind the reunion. For more information, you can email them at dkap48@gmail.com (Kaplan) or scrap106@gmail.com (Singer).

Jim Corbran