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RealRides Of WNY

June 4, 2015

RealRides Of WNY

Today being our 27th wedding anniversary seemed like a good excuse to feature the official honeymoonmobile — a 1987 Ford Escort GL which took us to Maine and back in the late spring of 1988. I know some of you are snickering at my choice of transportation, but you should know that this was my third Escort (an ’81 and an ’84 preceded it), and it was followed-up by a ’90 and a ’91 in the coming years. (You may however, laugh at the ’74 Ford Pinto and ’77 Mercury Bobcat which I also owned in earlier years.) Now when I think of what I could have had for the same money back then… Oy! This black beauty is pictured in the driveway of our first Tonawanda home, sometime back in the early nineties.

— Jim Corbran, RRofWNY

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