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RealRides of WNY - 1972 Dodge Coronet

October 18, 2017

RealRides of WNY - 1972 Dodge Coronet

Our week of the 1970s continues with this work-in-progress 1972 Dodge Coronet Custom station wagon. The Custom sat in the middle of the Coronet wagon lineup for 1972, in between the base Coronet and the pricier, wood-grained Coronet Crestwood (all Coronet wagons came standard with a 318 CID V8). The Coronet was a mid-sized line, but its wagons were Dodge’s smallest that were domestically-produced, as by this time the compact Dart came only in two-door coupes and hardtops and four-door sedans. Smaller wagons were available in the Mitsubishi-produced Dodge Colt lineup. Saw this Coronet over the past summer on Grand Island.

Jim Corbran, RRofWNY

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