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RealRides 0f WNY - 1948 Playboy

You know you’re in Buffalo (or at least, in one of the suburbs) when you turn a corner and find a 1948 Playboyin a neighborhood parking lot! Built just minutes from where we found this one a few weeks ago while bicycling through Kenmore, this two-toned retractable hardtop convertible is one of only 51 or so still thought to exist, out of the 99 or so (depending on which source you look at) w

RealRides of WNY - 1948 Playboy

You see them at car shows, but it’s not often that you come across a 1948 Playboywhile out for a leisurely bicycle ride. But that’s just how we came across this rare, built-in-Buffalo car a few weeks ago in Kenmore. The Playboy Motor Car Corporation built only 97 of these little retractable hardtop convertibles before financial woes overtook the company, whose facilities were located d