RealRides of WNY - 1967 Lincoln

It’s not often you see a 1967 Lincoln Continentalwearing black shoes. I think it looks pretty gangster — especially this one's right-front view which shows where a hubcap has gone AWOL. Lincoln’s marketing folks may have been toying with rival Cadillac when they told us the ’67 Continental was “…built to the highest standards in the world and tested more thorou

RealRides of WNY - 1966 Lincoln

Day 6 of 7 Days of Lincoln… The original buyers of this 1966 Lincoln Continentalhad, for the first time since MY 1960, the opportunity to opt for a two-door hardtop version as well as this four-door sedan and a four-door convertible — the latter of which was the lone four-door drop-top made in America, with suicide doors, yet! Lincoln called the two-door a coupé, which sounds m

RealRides of WNY - 1966 Lincoln Continental

Yes, Virginia, there once was a time when large two-door cars were a thing. Take for instance, this 1966 Lincoln Continental, seen a few summers ago in Olean. When the new, suicide door-equipped Lincolns debuted for MY 1961, they were available only as four-doors, in sedan and convertible versions. The two-door hardtop made its first appearance for 1966, and it continued on until 1974. After that,

RealRides of WNY - 1966 Lincoln Continental

This 1966 Lincoln Continental marked the marque’s first two-door model since the suicide-door body style was introduced for 1961. And it’s not just a two-door hardtop… Lincoln tells us (several times) in its brochure that it’s a coupé, and that it’s America’s most distinguished motorcar. Luxury optional equipment included the latest in audio: …a S