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RealRides of WNY - 1977 Cherokee

This 1977 Jeep Cherokeemarks the first year that AMC’s entry-level family wagon was available as a four-door. Introduced for MY 1963 as the Wagoneer in both two- and four-door models (the two-door version was dropped for MY 1969), a less-expensive two-door Cherokee variation debuted for MY 1974. Many like to call the Wagoneer/Cherokee the forerunner of today’s luxury SUV vehicles; the

RealRides of WNY - 1966 Rogue

While the 1966 Rambler Roguewas certainly no muscle car (standard engine was a 199cid inline six), it didadd a little glamour to the Rambler American lineup, and gave it a car to compete with the likes of Ford’s Falcon Futura and Chevy’s Corvair Monza. This was the third year for the American’s styling cycle, and it would soldier-on through the end of the line which culminated wi

RealRides of WNY - 1969 Rambler Rogue

This 1969 Rambler Roguewas the last car to wear the Rambler nameplate. Also for 1969 it was the first (and last) year that this model wouldn’t be called Rambler American, as the American moniker was dropped, and the three models offered were Rambler (basic model, offered as a 2-door sedan only), Rambler 440 (4-door sedan and station wagon), and Rambler Rogue (2-door hardtop). All of American

RealRides of WNY - 1987 Renault Alliance GTA

It’s not every day you drive down the road and find a 1987 Renault Alliance GTAparked in front of someone’s house. Gosh, even back in 1987 is was a rare occurrence. But here it is, seen a couple of weeks ago in Albion. The GTA was a one-year-only model, which came about with the hope of elevating the American Motors compact to new performance heights. Some wag on Wikipedia opined that