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RealRides of WNY - 1969 Catalina

The Art Fitzpatrick/Van Kaufman illustration in the brochure (bottom of page)looks just like today’s RealRide— a 1969 Pontiac Catalinaconvertible seen at the 2019 Apple Fest Car Showin Hilton. On that same page, we’re left scratching our head after reading the copy about the new Catalinas: “Every time we bring out a new Catalina, some of our competitors suggest we’re

RealRides of WNY - 1965 Pontiac

Although my copy of TheEncyclopedia of American Carslumps the sales figures of the 1965 Pontiac 2+2convertible with those of the Catalina, Pontiac’s brochure would seem to indicate that it was a separate model. A “…whacking great 421-cubic-inch 4-bbl engine of 338 hp”was the “moving force”of the 2+2 according to said brochure. And of course, the beautiful illus

RealRides of WNY - 1962 Catalina

This 1962 Pontiac Catalina Safariwas spotted in the spectators’ parking area of this year’s annual car show which is usually held during the Taste of West Seneca, on the grounds of West Seneca Town Hall in… you guessed it, West Seneca. If you’re a regular car show/cruise-in attendee, you should always check out the spectator parking. You never know what you’ll find t


THOSE PONTIAC ILLUSTRATIONS OF THE MID-20TH CENTURY — They weren’t just ads, they were artwork! by Jim Corbran As we move more and more into the digital age, things we took for granted are slowly disappearing. VCRs. Landline phones. Camera film. Jobs.Another, which I’ll really miss, is the new car brochure. As they get more and more expensive to print, it gets easier and easie