RealRides of WNY - c1971 Stingray

This Corvette Stingrayconvertible is from the last generation of the car to wear chrome bumpers front and rear. This styling iteration (with slight changes from the 1969 model) ran from MY 1970-72. One clue to which year this one is would be the color (if it’s still original) — itseems closest to 1970’s Donnybrooke Green. The color chip chart is below for your perusal, to either

RealRides of WNY - 1938 Dodge

If you drove north on Military Road where it changes to Main Street in the City of Tonawandaanytime during the summer, you may have passed right by this 1938 Dodge Touring Sedanwithout even knowing it. You see, it spent most of the year tucked next to a repair garage under a tarp, which came off in the fall. The car was then moved out closer to the street for all to see. It was only a month ago th