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RealRides of WNY #2424 ......................... 1977 Ford Thunderbird

Yesterday we talked about colors, and we’re going there again today. This 1977 Ford Thunderbirdcoupe appears to be painted in a Chamois Glow poly (a “modest extra cost”color) over Dark Brown metallic Tu-Tone with an (also optional) Autumn Maple two-piece vinyl roof. Ford’s personal luxury coupe was all-new and downsized for MY 1977, and was offered in two series: the &ldquo

RealRides of WNY #2356 - 1959 Galaxie

This 1959 Ford Fairlane 500 Galaxieis at the opposite end of the lineup from the Custom 300 we posted here a little over a week ago. What a difference some strategically placed chrome bits can make! Like that Custom 300, this RealRideis a two-door sedan (the least expensive Galaxie) and is wearing a monochromatic (this time Raven Black) paint job. A little higher up in the pecking order, the Galax

RealRides of WNY #2351 - 1972 LeMans

Seeing this 1972 Pontiac LeMansa few Mondays ago at a weekly Cruise Night in Lockportproves that not every surviving old mid-size Pontiac is a GTO, Lol… The LeMans was of course Pontiac’s bread-and-butter model in that mid-sized lineup, and by model year 1972 the GTO had morphed into an option package for the LeMans two-door hardtop and pillared coupe. No more GTO convertible, no more

RealRides of WNY #2347 - 1959 Ford

Even low-line cars like this 1959 Ford Custom 300often got the two-tone treatment in brochure illustrations like the one below. Ford offered two different color-break variations (inset) on all of their models. Those of us who were around at the time probably remember that many (most?) cars of the day were more on the monochromatic side. That being said, it was refreshing to see this April Green Re

RealRides of WNY #2336 - 1967 Cougar

The success of Ford’s Mustang in 1964, which ushered in a whole new category of vehicles — the pony car — led to the introduction of the 1967 Mercury Cougar. Based on the Mustang platform, the Cougar was a little bigger, a little more posh, and came with a standard 289cid V8 (the competition — Mustangs, Barracudas & Camaros — all had an inline six as their base po

RealRides of WNY #2320 - 1950 Ford

This 1950 Ford DeLuxe Tudorsedan was one of seven two-door Ford models available that year. Also offered was a DeLuxe business coupe, the pricier Custom Tudor and Club Coupe, the Crestliner (which was Ford’s answer to GM’s pillarless hardtop models even though it wasn’t a pillarless hardtop), and the Custom convertible and Country Squire station wagon. I guess it would have been

RealRides of WNY #2298 - 1966 Buick

We arrived at a recent Wheels @ Widewaterscruise night held at Marvin’s at Widewaters in Lockportjust in time to see this 1966 Buick Electra 225pulling out of the parking lot.This is the four-door sedan body style; there were two- and four-door hardtops offered as well, all of which were also available in the Electra 225 Custom series that addeda convertible to the lineup.(edit… we sa

RealRides of WNY #2284 - 1974 VW

We’ve featured many of these cars here over the years, but the rims on this particular 1974 Volkswagen Super Beetlearen’t something you see every day. (I kinda like ‘em.) Contrary to some years, for 1974 VW officially called these carsBeetleand Super Beetle. Some years the engine size was included in the model name, e.g., 1971 VW 1200. We know these rims are add-ons, and I don&rs

RealRides of WNY #2270 - 1964 Land Rover

Most of my internet searches for a 1964 Land Roverlike this one turned up vehicles that have the same basic shape, but are quite different in the details. The front ends, for example, look mostly like the one seen below in a brochure illustration. The door handles on today’s RealRidealso differ in the fact that they’re horizontal and not inset into the door skins. Holes in the front fe

RealRides of WNY - 1968 Coronet

The 1968 Dodge Coronet R/Twas part of the “Dodge Scat Pack — the Cars With the Bumblebee Stripes”which also included the Charger R/T and the Dart GTS. Standard powerplant on the Coronet R/T was a 440cid Magnum 4-bbl V8, with a 426 Hemi optional. If the R/T was a bit rich for your tastes, Dodge followed-up Plymouth’s Road Runner with its own “Plain Jane” muscle c