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RealRides of WNY #2354 - 1972 280 SE

This 1972 Mercedes-Benz 280 SEwas seen at — of all places! — a gathering of Edsel owners last year in South Wales. The two marques couldn’t have been farther apart as far as aesthetics go. The Edsel was of course from a different time and it had some pretty outlandish competition. But… who’s to say that the two manufacturers weren’t on the same wavelength as fa

RealRides of WNY - 1967 Cutlass

From the front especially, this 1967 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme Holiday Sedanhas aresemblance toa full-size Olds which is unmistakable. The Cutlass Supreme was a new nameplate for MY 1967. Consisting oftwo- and four-door pillared coupes and hardtops, as well as a convertible, Olds called the new Cutlass Supremes “..a whole new quartet of pizzazzier-than-ever ’67 models.”Quartet?

RealRides of WNY - 1963 Galaxie 500/XL

This 1963 Ford Galaxie 500/XLis wearing the same Rose Beigepaint job as the ’63 Falcon we featured here at the start of the month. I may have mentioned here before that when I was a kid, Dad had a bare-bones Galaxie sedan in one of the the most boring colors Ford offered: Sandshell Beige; while at the same time Mom drove a ’63 Country Sedan which was Rangoon Redwith a white top. Today&

RealRides of WNY - 1958 Edsel

This 1958 Edsel Paceris the latestacquisition of local Edsel Guysclub vice-president Jim Turner. We met up with him and his newest ride at a cruise night at St. John the Baptist Church in Alden. Mr. Turner’s Pacer was certainly one of the most colorful cars on display that night withits SpruceGreen/Ice Green two-tone paint. There was even more green to be seen in the interior, which also fea

RealRides of WNY - 1963 F100

This 1963 Ford F100 Flaresidewas a throwback to how all pickups used to look, with a rectangular box and separate rear fenders. That changed in 1955 when the smooth-sided Chevy Cameo Carrier and GMC Suburban Pickup made their debuts, which was followed in 1957 by a hastily-designed Dodge Sweptside D100 (which featured the rear quarter panels from a Dodge station wagon), and the Ford Styleside &mda