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RealRides of WNY - 1958 Edsel

From these photos it’s hard to imagine that area resident Joe Galvin’s 1958 Edsel Pacerisn’t from the car’s top of the line — it wasn’t even second from the top, as the ’58 Edsel hierarchy went (top-to-bottom): Citation, Corsair, Pacer, and Ranger. The four-door hardtop body style, along with the two-tone paint and continental kit, surely add a bit of pana

RealRides of WNY - 1957 Buick

When we came across this 1957 Buick Superjust over a year ago in Tonawanda, it quickly reminded us of another ’57 from Flint that we photographed in Farmersville back in 2009 — the Special4-door sedan in the bottom photo. Was Buick suffering from some sort of rear bumper bracket deficiency back in 1957? Lol… The Super was a notch up from the Special in the ’57 lineup; next

RealRides of WNY - 1968 Malibu

No, you don’t see a lot of mid-sized GM four-doors from the 1960s at car shows/cruise nights, but here’s one now: a 1968 Chevelle Malibu Sport Sedanspotted last fall at the Motorhead Mania Super Cruzin Lackawanna. In the brochure photo of a much tamer-looking sport sedan (below),a tiny caption read “Note the well designed look of this Malibu Sport Sedan.”And I’ll agre

RealRides of WNY - 1958 Cadillac

Some might claim hyperbole at the brochure’s proclamation that this 1958 Cadillac Sixty-Twowas “…beyond conjecture, a rare masterwork in everything that makes an automobile desirable.”If this particular Sixty-Two sedan wasn’t everythingenough for you, there was always the Sixty-Two sedan with the extended deck (bottom of page), which was described as having “&h

RealRides of WNY - 1964 Chrysler

Overheard at this year’s annual Park in the Park Car Showin Wellsville: “It’s one of only four four-door 300s made that year with afour-speed.” (Check out that vanity plate.) A peek inside this 1964 Chrysler 300four-door hardtop confirms that there’s a stick shift on the floor, while a look at that year’s brochure confirms that yes, “…performance op

RealRides of WNY - 1965 Corvair

Presenting (IMO) one of the nicest looking cars to come out of Detroit in the 1960s: a 1965 Chevrolet Corvair Monzafour-door hardtop. It was, as I recollect, the only four-door hardtop American compact on the market — and most likely the only four-door hardtop compact, period! Chevy told us that this new second-generation Corvair “…puts teeth in the term all-new!”This one&

RealRides 0f WNY - 1977 Chrysler

It’s not every day that you run across a 1977 Chrysler Newportout in the wild (especially one with a set of aftermarket rims), but we came across this one a month or so ago in West Seneca. Didn’t get a peek inside, but wouldn’t it be cool if it had the optional Williamsburg cloth bench seat with vinyl inserts seenhere in the brochure illustration? Another option offered, but only

RealRides of WNY - 1967 Cutlass

From the front especially, this 1967 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme Holiday Sedanhas aresemblance toa full-size Olds which is unmistakable. The Cutlass Supreme was a new nameplate for MY 1967. Consisting oftwo- and four-door pillared coupes and hardtops, as well as a convertible, Olds called the new Cutlass Supremes “..a whole new quartet of pizzazzier-than-ever ’67 models.”Quartet?

RealRides of WNY - 1962 Olds

The 1962 Oldsmobile Ninety-Eightfour-door models were offered in three variations: a pillared sedan (Town Sedan); a six-window-hardtop (Holiday Sedan); and this four-window hardtop, or, in Olds-speak, the Holiday Sports Sedan, which replaced the flat-top Sports Sedan from the previous year. Olds said of this new silhouette: “…unique roof motif gives it a sporty new sparkle!”You

RealRides of WNY - 1958 New Yorker

It’s not often these days that you come across a 1958 Chrysler New Yorker4-door hardtop sitting in someone’s front yard. So you can imagine my surprise 10 or 11 years ago when I was driving through Yorkshireand passed by a house with not one, but twoof these Forward-Look pillarless sedans on the lawn (only 4,805 of them were produced). (The other one can be seen inthe bottom photo.) Th