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RealRides of WNY - 1959 Ford

On the Road in New York City…Back in 2014 I took in the New York International Auto Showat the Javits Center, and one of my favorite parts was a basement exhibit of old NYPD police cars. This 1959 Ford Custom 300is sporting the NYPD’s famously unique livery of the time: a green, black, and white paint scheme that left no doubt as to the car's owner. This look began back in the 1930s,

Ron Smith Memorial Auto Tech Competition 2017

TOMORROW’S AUTO TECHS ARE BEING TRAINED TODAY… The Ron Smith Memorial Auto Tech Competition by Jim Corbran, Automotive ColumnistThis past Saturday I had the privilege of attending the 26th annual competition for local high school automotive tech students, as they tried to solve a series of “planted bugs” in a group of new vehicles, with the students’ goal being not