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RealRides of WNY #2803 - 1971 Torino

What we have here is a 1971 Ford Torino 500, a bit of a contrast to the two or three ’71 Torino GT RealRideswe’ve seen here lately. For MY 1971 the Torino 500 was the nameplate’s entry-level car; a year prior the Fairlane 500 held that spot, but things got shuffled around a bit with the introduction (for one-half model year only) of the Fairlane/Torino-based Falcon of model year

RealRides of WNY #2379 - 1979 R17 Gordini

If this 1979 Reanult R17 Gordinilooks different to you, that’s because it’s had its front clip and rear bumper replaced with parts from a French market car. What a difference! (See the North American version below.)The R17 came with a power-operated roll-back fabric top, as well as a removable fiberglass hardtop panel like the one seen at the right in a photo from (I

RealRides of WNY #2368 - 1967 Bonneville

Contrast the styling of this 1967 Pontiac Bonnevillewith the Catalina fromthe year before (which we featured here four days ago). The writers of The Encyclopedia of American Carsdidn’t think much of the updated look: “Regrettably, the ‘67s had a heavy look highlighted by bulky, curved rear fenders.”I’m surprised they zeroed-in on this feature, as in my opinion the fro

RealRides of WNY #2286 - 1966 Cutlass

This 1966 Oldsmobile Cutlassis nota 4-4-2, even though it’s got a mean set of pipes poking out from beneath the bumper. Dual exhausts were of course the “2” in “4-4-2” (the 4s originally stood for the standard 4-on-the-floor and 4-bbl carburetor). Out of the gate, the Cutlass was a little tamer with a standard 330cid V8 under the hood (4-4-2s came with a 400). One of

RealRides of WNY - 1968 C-10

Another day, another 1960s-era pristine pickup truck. These photos were sent in by RealRidesreader Kevin Arndt of Lancaster. Mr. Arndt told us he recently bought this 1968 Chevrolet C-10 Stepside, a 50k clean original, from the son of the original owner who passed away in 1991. The truck had pretty much been parked since then. It’s never been driven in snow (always a plus here in WNY!) &mdas

RealRides of WNY - 1992 Custom Cruiser

Day 2 of a week looking at the cars of Lansing…A while back we showed you the sibling of this 1992 Oldsmobile Custom Cruiser— we’d seen the two of them together one day in a Lancasterparking lot. That year’s extensive 48-page (!) brochure told us that the “…floor length from the back of front seat to end of floor surface”was as astounding 89.3 inches! Wi

RealRides of WNY - 1980 Scout II

We came across this 1980 International Scout II Shadowback in 2017 at the annual car show held at St. Mary’s High School in Lancaster. The Scout, introduced for model year 1961, was totally remade in 1971 and rechristened the Scout II. The Shadow was a special model trimmed-out for International by Custom Vehicles Inc. of Fort Wayne, Indiana, which was located not too far from the Scout asse

RealRides of WNY - 1992 Custom Cruiser

You see plenty of Chevy and Buick versions of this gigantic station wagon from General Motors, but it’s not often you come across the third member of the bunch. A month or so ago we actually came across two1992 Oldsmobile Custom Cruiserwagons in the same parking lot, wearing (no less) consecutively numbered vanity plates. Is it just me, or do these things look even bigger without the fake wo

RealRides of WNY - 1964 Galaxie 500

This 1964 Ford Galaxie 500is a close cousin of yesterday’s RealRide— I’d even hazard a guess that those rear fender skirts are interchangeable between the two. Unlike the bucket-seated upscale 500/XL, the Galaxie 500 came with “Full-Width, 3-Passenger Seats Front and Rear,”or as it said in the French-Canadian brochure, “Larges banquettes à 3 places, avant

RealRides of WNY - 1961 Mack

Day One of “Five Days of Big Trucks”A car show sponsored by the Buffalo Octagon Association (a local MG sports car club) is probably the last place you’d expect to see a 1961 Mack B-68on display, but here's one now! This one’s powered by an inline six-cylinder engine, and has pretty much spent its life here in Western New York, first at a local trucking company, and then as