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RealRides of WNY (on the road) - 1983 Vauxhall

Wow. Seems hard to believe only four months ago we were on a cruise ship, going from NYC to Bermuda. How the times have changed! While docked in Somersetwe stopped in to the Bermuda Transport Museum(this is their Facebook link), where we snapped these photos of a c1983 Vauxhall Astra GL 1600 S Mk. 1. The “S” represents a higher tune version of the 1600cc engine. The Astra Mk 1 was prod

GM IN CHINA — The first in a sometimes series…

GM IN CHINA— The first in a sometimes series… by Jim Corbran Although one probably never would have guessed it a couple of decades ago, as we speak Buick is one of the biggest selling car brands in China.Often ridiculed in the past by the North American press as an old peoples’ car, the success of GM’s Tri-Shield brand in what is now the largest new-car market on the glob