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RealRides of WNY - 1979 Chrysler LeBaron

See? Not every M-bodied Mopar was a police car/taxi cab. Some were honest, family chariots, like this 1979 Chrysler LeBaron. This body style rode one of Chrysler’s last rear-wheel-drive automobile platforms, and was shared with the Dodge Diplomat and (in Canada) the Plymouth Caravelle. Initially offered in both two- and four-door sedans and a four-door station wagon, the LeBaron would eventu

RealRides of WNY - 1986 Dodge 600

Chrysler Corporation basically survived on the K-Car platform back in the 1980s, and there was a seemingly endless parade of variations on the original Dodge Aries/Plymouth Reliant cars. One of the nicer knock-offs was this 1986 Dodge 600, which replaced the Dodge 400 and was sold from 1984-88 as a slightly larger version of the original Aries. The 600 was a cousin to the Chrysler E-Class and New