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RealRides of WNY - Renault 8

Saw this pretty little Renault 8 at this year’s Citroën Rendezvous in Ballston Lake (which is not in WNY, so I guess this is yet another edition of “RealRides Seen By A WNYer”). From the plate we can see that it made the trip down from Québec to spend some quality time with its French brethren in this small town just outside of Saratoga Springs. The 8 was a rear-engin

RealRides of WNY

We’re going to call today’s edition RealRides seen by a WNYer (me). This 1966 Citroën D Chapron is remarkable for a couple of reasons: a) only 1,325 of these convertibles left the factory between the years 1960 and 1971; and b) it’s a Citroën with whitewall tires! Don’t see that very often. The convertibles were named for coachbuilder Henri Chapron, who originally