RealRides of WNY - 1969 Sport Satellite

It’s a bit unusual (IMO) to run into a 1969 Plymouth Sport Satellitethese days. It seems that most of the Plymouth mid-sized cars from that era which have survived are either a Road Runner or a GTX. It’s telling that the Sport Satellite was also available as a four-door sedan and a station wagon (as well as the seemingly more desirable-to-collectors two-door hardtop and convertible) ma

RealRides of WNY - 1971 Cutlass

Seems fitting on the last day of the year to feature a RealRidewe saw at what was probably one of the last organized events of the year: a 1971 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supremeseen last month at the Sheridan Park Golf Course in Tonawanda awaiting the start of another Sheridan Drive Saturday Cruise. The Cutlass Supreme would go on to help propel Oldsmobile to the number three auto manufacturer in sales f

RealRides of WNY - 1969 GS 350

When we came across the owner of this 1969 Buick GS 350, he told us yeah, he could have bought a Chevelle Malibu SS, but the Buick has a lot more creature comforts. And… it isa Buick, and in 1969, who really wouldn’t rather have had one? Lol… Not surprisingly, the standard engine in the GS 350 was a 350cid 4-bbl V8 rated at 280 hp. If that wasn’t enough, the GS 400 had a