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RealRides of WNY - 1967 Rolls-Royce

I’ve been to a slew of car shows/cruise nights in 2021. And thinking back on them all I have to say that this 1967 Rolls-Royce Mulliner Park Wardfixed-head coupé is probably the handsomest car I came across all year. These cars were not mass-produced, but rather were “coachbuilt,” that is, made to order by the H.J. Mulliner Park Ward coach builders in London. They were bas

RealRides of WNY - 1950 Chevy

The roofline on this 1950 Chevrolet Styline Special Sport Coupe is one of four different profiles offered that year on Chevy’s two door models (five if you count the convertible). Also available were the sedan (notchbacked Styline and fastback Fleetline), and the two-door hardtop in the Bel Air series. (See the four closed versions below.)The roofline on these sport coupes is the most close-

RealRides of WNY - c1948 Hudson

You’re probably wondering what’s going on with the windshield of this 1948-49 Hudson(the two model years were identical save for the VINs). Well, the guy inside the Buffalogarage where it was parked outside of when we first saw it on a Slow Roll bicycle ride this past summer told us that he’d planned on putting a set of eyes in there to mimic Doc Hudson, one of the characters in

RealRides of WNY - 1950 Dodge

Yesterday we featured a RealRidefrom a couple of years ago which underwent a wheel/tire change since we first saw it. In a similar story, we photographed this 1950 Dodge Wayfarerin a North Tonawandadriveway a few weeks ago, complete with the original poverty hubcaps, a set of newer whitewalls, and a current Arizona Historical license plate. We drove by a week or two later and saw the car up on jac

RealRides of WNY - 1979 Ford LTD

We ran into Middleport’s Bob Smith and his newly acquired 1979 Ford LTDover the summer at the All-Ford car show at West-Herr Ford in Hamburg. Showing a mere 13k on the odometer, Mr. Smith’s LTD still sports a window decal (below)featuring the dealership and salesman’s names involved in its initial purchase back in the day. That’s something I’ve never seen before. Thes

RealRides of WNY - 1971 Saab

We came across this 1971 Saab 96 V-4a month or so ago in Youngstown. Volvo wasn’t the only Swedish car manufacturer to tout its safety-mindedness. “Safety isn’t something you add on like an extra cigarette lighter or a strip of chrome, it has to be built in,”Saab brochure copywriterstold us. Before they were mandated by the U.S. government, Saabs featured “shock-absor

RealRides of WNY - 1942 Pontiac

The 1942 Pontiac Torpedocame in two series: De Luxe and Streamliner. Both were available with either a straight six- or eight-cylinder engine. The biggest difference between the two was a three-inch longer wheelbase on the Streamliner models (which were available only as a four-door sedan, two-door sedan coupe, or station wagon). Brochure illustrations don’t help much to distinguish between

RealRides of WNY - 1959 Rambler

Had a craving for some yummy cookies last week so I told my friend Terri McDonald-Gale I’d be taking a drive up to Wilsonto visit her at the Cookie Cottage. “I’ll have Neal (her husband) bring the Rambler over,” she told me. “The Rambler” is this nifty 1959 Rambler American Deluxe Club Sedan, which they recently purchased in Michigan. Under the hood is the origi

RealRides of WNY - 1927 Hupmobile

If you’re keeping track, yes, this 1927 Hupmobilemarks the marque’s first appearance in RealRides. This one appears to be a five-passenger Brougham, like the one on the right in the ad below. Two series were offered for MY 1927, Six and Eight; I’m not sure what this one started out life as, but these days I’m guessing it’s not packing a six! Hupmobiles were produced b

RealRides of WNY (on the road) - 1963 Falcon

So sue me. This 1963 Ford Falcon Futurahas no WNY tie except for the fact that its photos were sent in by a RealRides of WNYreader. Herbie Hale Jr. emailed us from his workplace in Bensalem, Pennsylvania, (just across the Delaware River from Trenton, New Jersey where, you may recall, the Buffalo Bisons are playing their 2021 “home games” until the Toronto Blue Jays can return to Rogers