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RealRides of WNY - 1959 Mercury Park Lane

The late 1950s were all about wild styling and cheery colors, and this 1959 Mercury Park Lane doesn’t disappoint on either front. The styling evolved from the 1957 models, and the basic shape was shared with its cousin, the Ford Galaxie, but there was no mistaking it for any other car. This one is painted Bermuda Sand, and was seen a couple of weeks back at a car show at the Urban Post in La

RealRides of WNY - 1999 VW Rialta

Just in time for hitting the summer camping camping circuit, here’s a 1999 Volkswagen Rialta camper. Having a much smaller profile than many large camper/RVs on the road these days, the VW was a popular choice as it was advertised as driving like a car, and it fit into most regular parking spaces. It had a few innovative ideas which were used to cram some of the conveniences of home into a s

Corbran's Corner


2018 HONDA ACCORD: NEW FROM THE GROUND UP … V-6 engines get deep-sixed in makeover by Jim Corbran While some manufacturers seem to still be in an engine-horsepower race (yes, we’re looking at you Dodge, with your 840-hp Challenger SRT Demon), others have taken a more modern approach to performance.Honda’s newly-announced 2018 Accord will have nothing but four-cyclinder engines


VOLVO SHOCKS THE AUTOMOTIVE WORLD… all of its vehicles will be electrics starting with the 2019 models. by Jim Corbran As a licensed driver for almost 50 years now, for the longest time I’ve believed that electric cars were a passing fad, offered to appease government standards for fuel economy (“See? Out of our one-million annual cars produced, about 37 of them are electrics.

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