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RealRides of WNY

RealRides of WNY - 1976 Oldsmobile Ninety-Eight Regency

This1976 Oldsmobile Ninety-Eight Regencyis one of those rides whose name is almost as long the car. Spotted this one inTonawandarecently while bicycling around… looking for old parked cars. Jackpot! And if you’re in the market for a vehicle that might test the limits of your regular parking spot, the good news is that this one’s for sale.•Jim Corbran, RRofWNYCheck out our n

RealRides of WNY - 1980 Datsun 280ZX

Although this1980 Datsun 280ZXwas a complete restyle when compared to the original 240Z cars (introduced in 1970), there was no mistaking its parentage. The same basic shape still existed, just pulled and stretched here and there. And the engine was larger (thus the 280 moniker, which indicated a 2.8L engine). A stretched 2+2 version was also offered which,IMHO, wasnotvery easy on the eyes. Found

Corbrans Corner


WHITHER THE STATION WAGON? by Jim Corbran, Automotive Columnist People who’ve been reading my automotive rantings over the years are by now pretty much used to my favorite peeve: Whatever happened to the station wagon? This thought came to mind once again during a recently-completed driving vacation to Pigeon Forge, Tenessee. My Better Half and I packed a week’s worth of clothing, elec


WILLIE AND JOE WOULD APPROVE… JEEP’S 75TH ANNIVERSARY WRANGLERby Jim Corbran, Automotive ColumnistThe first thought that came to mind when I read about Jeep’s Commemorative Wrangler 75th Anniversary Salute Concept Vehicle was “What would Willie and Joe think?”Willie and Joe were two recurring characters in Bill Mauldin’s Up Front, a World War II editorial cart

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